Nylon Baton With Side Handle

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Nylon Baton w Side Handle is a great tool for police and law enforcement officials. It is made of lightweight, yet heavy duty nylon fiberglass and it features a durable rubber grip handle. You can use this weapon in many situations that demand you to defend yourself and counterattack the enemy. The UF-10151 nylon baton with side handle is a versatile tool that helps you manage situations that require physical force. As it is lightweight, you can carry it easily throughout the day. It is so effective that you can control mobs and riots efficiently. The side handle makes it easy to keep it safely in baton holder when not in use.


Dimensions: 1 1/4 inches Diameter
Material: Rubber, Fiberglass, Nylon
Length: 24 Inches


Baton Length:17 inch to 25 inch

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