Nylon Paracord 550 Lb 300 Feet Tube

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This US made paracord is constructed with 100% nylon twill. The diameter of this paracord is 5/32 inches and the length is 300feet. The tensile strength of this cord is 550 lb. It comes with a 7 strand core and each strand has the break strength of 40lbs. The sheath is also made by nylon material which has the break strength of 300lbs. This nylon sheath has high abrasion resistance which makes this paracord very much stronger even in some fierce conditions. This product is essential for your survival kit if you go outdoors as it has unbeatable strength. It is so versatile, so that you can easily cut them and make different lengths.


Material Specs: 100% Nylon
Length: 300 Feet


Colour:BlackOlive DrabWoodland

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