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Original SWAT Classic 9 inch Boot

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Original SWAT Black Classic 9 inch Boot


  • Full-Grain Leather Toe *durability, [*black and brown only - uniform code, polishable]
  • 1000 Denier Nylon - highly breathable
  • Triple Stitched Upper - durability, strength
  • Stitched Outsole
  • Aegis ® Anti-Microbial Lining & Removable Orthotic Footbed *provides protection against odor, staining, & deterioration caused by bacteria, fungus, & other microorganisms *permanently bonded antimicrobial barrier
  • Slip Resistant, Self-Cleaning, Multi-Tread Carbon Rubber Outsole *meets ASTM F489-96 Test Standards *traction, durability
  • Electric Hazard Protection *Meets ASTM F2412-05 & ASTM F2413-05 EH Test Standards
  • Compression Molded EVA *comfort, athletic cushioning, total foot support
  • Tough & Durable Moisture Wicking Lining *durability, comfort, wicks moisture away from feet
  • Riveted Steel Shank Sandwiched between Texon ® Insole and Reinforced Shank Board *torsional strength

SpecificationBlack, Size 4Black, Size 4.5Black, Size 5Black, Size 5.5Black, Size 6Black, Size 6.5Black, Size 7Black, Size 7.5Black, Size 8Black, Size 8.5Black, Size 9Black, Size 9.5Black, Size 10Black, Size 10.5Black, Size 11Black, Size 11.5Black, Size 12Black, Size 13Black, Size 14Black, Size 15Black, Size 16Black, Size 7 WideBlack, Size 7.5 WideBlack, Size 8 WideBlack, Size 8.5 WideBlack, Size 9 WideBlack, Size 9.5 WideBlack, Size 10 WideBlack, Size 10.5 WideBlack, Size 11 WideBlack, Size 11.5 WideBlack, Size 12 WideBlack, Size 13 WideBlack, Size 14 WideBlack, Size 15 WideBlack, Size 16 Wide
Size:Size 4Size 4.5Size 5Size 5.5Size 6Size 6.5Size 7Size 7.5Size 8Size 8.5Size 9Size 9.5Size 10Size 10.5Size 11Size 11.5Size 12Size 13Size 14Size 15Size 16Size 7 WideSize 7.5 WideSize 8 WideSize 8.5 WideSize 9 WideSize 9.5 WideSize 10 WideSize 10.5 WideSize 11 WideSize 11.5 WideSize 12 WideSize 13 WideSize 14 WideSize 15 WideSize 16 Wide

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