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Paracord D-Shackle Bracelet

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Paracord Bracelet w/ D-shackle. Paracord Bracelets are perfect for military, tactical, survival and outdoor activities. Complete with a durable stainless steel D-Shackle closure and 7-Strand cord; Rothco’s Paracord Bracelets are the ideal survival item. With tons of survival applications, keep your paracord bracelet on your wrist and ready to deploy in case of an emergency.


Material Specs: polyester and stainless steel
Dimensions: 7 inches, , 9 inches, 10 inches
Material: Polyester, Steel, Stainless Steel
Product Origin: CHN

SpecificationRed\Black, 7 InchesBlue\Black, 7 InchesOlive\Black, 7 InchesOlive Drab, 7 InchesBlack, 7 InchesRed\Black, 8 InchesBlue\Black, 8 InchesOlive\Black, 8 InchesOlive Drab, 8 InchesBlack, 8 InchesRed\Black, 9 InchesBlue\Black, 9 InchesOlive\Black, 9 InchesOlive Drab, 9 InchesBlack, 9 InchesRed\Black, 10 InchesBlue\Black, 10 InchesOlive\Black, 10 InchesOlive Drab, 10 InchesBlack, 10 Inches
Colour:Red\BlackBlue\BlackOlive\BlackOlive DrabBlackRed\BlackBlue\BlackOlive\BlackOlive DrabBlackRed\BlackBlue\BlackOlive\BlackOlive DrabBlackRed\BlackBlue\BlackOlive\BlackOlive DrabBlack
Size:7 Inches7 Inches7 Inches7 Inches7 Inches8 Inches8 Inches8 Inches8 Inches8 Inches9 Inches9 Inches9 Inches9 Inches9 Inches10 Inches10 Inches10 Inches10 Inches10 Inches

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