Polish Army M41 Gas Mask Set

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The Polish Military M41 Gas Mask Kit is an authentic piece of military surplus equipment. A variation on the Russian GP-5 gas mask, the M41 was used by Polish armed forces during the 20th century. This brand new set includes a gas mask with a coffee-can style filter, nozzle, and a canvas carry bag. The white latex rubber mask offers full face coverage, while the circular glass eye openings provide a clear field of vision.

Why choose this set?

  • Authentic piece of Polish military surplus equipment
  • Heavy duty rubber mask has adjustable straps
  • Great gift for collectors and history buffs
  • Includes a canvas carry bag

Why not?

  • Mask is designed for costume purposes only
  • Brand new, unused surplus items are less authentic

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Pro Tip:
Military surplus is the term used to describe clothing or equipment that the army no longer has use for. This can happen when new technology or techniques become available. Surplus equipment often features durable materials and high-quality construction.


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