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  • Handle Material: Leather Wrapped.
  • Blade Style: Sword.
  • Knife Edge: Plain edge.
  • Handle Length: 12"
  • Mechanism: Fixed Blade.
  • Steel: Carbon Steel.
  • Blade Length: 15.5 inches.
  • Hand use: Ambidextrous.

Introducing our 27.5" Handmade Katana, a perfect blend of tradition and elegance. The One-Punch Man Cosplay Prop Atomic Samurai Sword is a meticulously crafted replica of the legendary weapon wielded by the Atomic Samurai, one of the top-ranked heroes in the One-Punch Man series. This cosplay prop faithfully recreates the essence of the character's sword, featuring a sleek and deadly design inspired by the anime and manga.

With its sharp, stylized blade and intricate hilt, the Atomic Samurai Sword is a must-have accessory for fans looking to embody the character in their cosplay endeavors. Whether displayed as part of a collection or wielded as part of a costume, this prop adds an aura of authenticity and power to any Atomic Samurai cosplay, allowing fans to step into the shoes of this formidable hero from the One-Punch Man universe.


  • 27.5" Carbon Steel Katana
  • 12" Black Wrapped Handle
  • Red Dragon Saya + COA


Handle Material:Leather Wrapped
Blade Style:Sword
Knife Edge:Plain Edge
Handle Length:12"
Mechanism:Fixed Blade
Steel:Carbon Steel
Blade Length:15.5 inch
Hand Use:Ambidextrous


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