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Ripple Sole Jungle Boots

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Jungle boots with ripple sole are available in attractive black color. The unique ripples on the sole ensure optimum comfort for the wearer. These pairs of jungle boots come with a variety of features such as side vents, nylon web collar, rubber sole, speed lace eyelets and leather and canvas upper. Jungle boots with ripple sole are available in width ranging between 5 and 12” and are offered in sizes 3 to 12 Regular. These comfortable and stylish boots are 10” high and are ideal to be used for rugged wear. Made of high quality, sturdy and strong materials, the jungle boots with ripple sole are long lasting.


Material: Nylon, Leather, Rubber, Canvas
Gender / Age: Adult
Product Origin: CHN
Material Specs: Canvas And Leather Upper, Ripple Sole
Width: Regular, Wide

SpecificationBlack, Size 1 RegularBlack, Size 2 RegularBlack, Size 3 RegularBlack, Size 4 RegularBlack, Size 5 RegularBlack, Size 6 RegularBlack, Size 7 RegularBlack, Size 8 RegularBlack, Size 9 RegularBlack, Size 10 RegularBlack, Size 11 RegularBlack, Size 12 RegularBlack, Size 13 RegularBlack, Size 14 RegularBlack, Size 15 RegularBlack, Size 5 WideBlack, Size 6 WideBlack, Size 7 WideBlack, Size 8 WideBlack, Size 9 WideBlack, Size 10 WideBlack, Size 11 WideBlack, Size 12 WideBlack, Size 13 Wide
Size:Size 1 RegularSize 2 RegularSize 3 RegularSize 4 RegularSize 5 RegularSize 6 RegularSize 7 RegularSize 8 RegularSize 9 RegularSize 10 RegularSize 11 RegularSize 12 RegularSize 13 RegularSize 14 RegularSize 15 RegularSize 5 WideSize 6 WideSize 7 WideSize 8 WideSize 9 WideSize 10 WideSize 11 WideSize 12 WideSize 13 Wide

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