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Rothco Molon Labe Skull Printed T-Shirt

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"Molon Labe" t-shirt is printed with the iconic quote meaning "Come and Take It" as well as a skull and two crossed rifles. The graphic tee is made from a soft and durable cotton/poly blend and is tagless for added comfort.

  • Printed graphic featuring skull and two crossed rifles
  • The Iconic "Molon Labe' Appears across a banner
  • As Spoken By King Leonidas Of Sparta, "Molon Labe" Translates To "Come And Take Them" In Reference To Their Weapons
  • Soft Yet Durable 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester Material
  • Tagless Label For Added Comfort
SpecificationOlive, SmallOlive, MediumOlive, LargeOlive, XLargeOlive, XXLargeOlive, 3XLarge
Actual Colour:OliveOliveOliveOliveOliveOlive

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