SABRE Dogspray with Belt Clip

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Certified by Health Canada, Sabre dog sprays are believed to be the most effective and humane way to deter any sudden aggressive dog attack anywhere you are without harming or injuring the animal. The spray reaches out up to a maximum range of about 3.5 meters to create a barrier between you and the attacking canine.  It will cause it a slight discomfort that will last shortly, giving you enough time to safely slip away.  The 22g canister comes with a clip, very easy to carry around and to operate even in panicking moments.


  • Safe: Humane, effective, and all-natural spray to use against attacking dogs
  • One handed operationWith clips
  • Twist lock firing mechanism
  • Environmentally friendly ingredients0.50% Capsaicin (plus 0.44% related Capsaicinoids) will not cause permanent pain or injury to the dog
  • Spray time: 14 one second bursts
  • Maximum range is 3.5m (11.4 feet) (cone pattern)Canister size: Height- 10.48cm (4.125") Diameter- 2.2cm (0.875")
  • Weight - 22g


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