Scorpion Streamlight Lithium Powered Flashlight

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The Scorpion Lithium Powered Flashlight is a brand new product and is a dazzling and lightest flashlight you have ever come across. It is the brightest and the smallest flash light ever. It has a Xenon bulb which is capable of providing power equivalent to 6500 candle power. It has a rubber coated aluminum body, which give the holder a good grip on the product and increases its durability. It comes with two lithium batteries with a shelf life of ten years. It has a tail cap switch, thus making it very convenient to operate. It is made in the United Sates and is CE approved. This is a perfect flash light for you to carry along while you go for camping, trekking, outing and so on.


Material Specs: Aluminum Body
Material: Rubber, Aluminum
Components: 2 batteries
MSDS: Manganese Dioxide Lithium Batteries Material Safety Data Sheet


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