Silva Starter 1-2-3 Compass

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The Silva Starter Type 1 2 3 Compass features an enlarged ergonomic plate as the base which makes it easy to handle even for the smallest of hands. The compass has a large rotating capsule with dial graduation of five degrees making it really convenient to use the compass on a map. The compass has inch and millimetre scales which make it easy to plot on maps. Again, the compass comes with a lanyard hole which makes it possible to carry around the compass with ease. The 0.9 pound compass is really light and convenient to carry around.


If you’re a beginner, the starter model 1-2-3 compass is a great tool for working with maps and orienteering
Its base plate is designed especially for children’s smaller hands
The rotating capsule has a 5° dial graduation and a clear base plate that makes it easier to read a map and plan the course
Inch and millimeter scales are provided for mapping or plotting
Plus, a lanyard hole on the base plate makes for easy carrying
2" x 3"
0.9 oz


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