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Before you take your axe into the battlefield, make sure you get some practice in. Use the Skull Blade Polypropylene Axe for a safer way to train. Made from polypropylene, this axe has a rich black color. It features a ridged grip on the haft, making the axe easier to grasp. A similar-sized, oblong section rests just above the grip. At the other end of the haft, there is an axe head. The axe head has a single blade on one side and a point on the other. A diamond shape adorns the socket of the axe head while a skull decorates the blade. This training axe is safer to use during practice drills than a steel axe would be. 


  • Skull motif
  • Ridged grip
  • Single blade axe head
  • Great for practicing
  • Wonderful training tool

Handle Material:Polypropylene
Blade Style:Axe
Knife Edge:Plain Edge
Handle Length:6.5"
Mechanism:Fixed Blade
Blade Length:10.5 inch
Hand Use:Ambidextrous


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