Smith And Wesson Galaxy Elite 100 Lumen Cree LED

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Smith & Wesson Galaxy Elite 200 Lumen CREE Flashlight allows consistent brightness all through the survival of the batteries. The Smith & Wesson Galaxy Elite Flashlight provides an outstanding level of brightness because of its 200 Lumens CREE LEDs. The Galaxy Elite Flashlights from Smith & Wesson can be used for different purposes. You can use these from a weekend trip of camping, trekking or just for normal use when there is no other source of light. It is also a good flashlight for security personnel who have to guard a huge area that is not very well lit. These particular lights are almost 75 times brighter than normal single LED lights and offer light for 120 minutes constantly. It is compact and light in weight therefore it is easy to carry and fits everywhere.


Material Specs: Polycarbonate lens, Nylon holster, Metal body
Components: Lanyard and 2 AA batteries
Color: Black


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