Solitaire AAA Breast Cancer Awareness Flashlight

Availability: Item is Discontinued

The Maglite Pink Solitaire AAA Flashlight is laser engraved with “National Breast Cancer Foundation” Ribbon logo. Maglite is the proud sponsor of the National Breast Cancer foundation. The flashlight comes packaged in a clamshell, with one AAA battery and one key ring lanyard. The flashlight is made of a high strength aluminum alloy case, with an O-ring for water resistance and a patented vented tailcap to reduce the chance of gas buildup. The flashlight can be used to set a high intensity light beam with a twist focus and the user has the option to either focus it on one spot or use it as a flood light. Innovative key lead allows the light beam and keys to be used together in the same direction. The flashlight also comes with a spare lamp safely secured in the tail-cap.


Components: Includes 1 Aaa Battery, keyring Lanyard
Color: Pink


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