Sparkie Fire Starter

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Sparkie Fire Starters are made to help people stay warm and comfortable under extreme weather conditions. These compact and lightweight fire starters can be carried around with ease on arduous outdoor trips and are one of the ultimate survival items. Engaging the striker is a simple process. Simply press down on the button with your thumb. The internal tungsten carbide striker will do the rest. Weighs less than 28 g (1 ounce) and comes in a compact package.

Why choose this fire starter?

  • A must have for those who frequently go on camping, mountaineering and hunting trips
  • Simple and easy way to start fire
  • Compact and lightweight emergency kit item
  • Bright orange colouring is easy to spot

Why not?

  • The button requires a moderate amount of force in order to operate

Pro Tip:
Tungsten carbide is a chemical compound that, in its most basic form, is a fine grey powder. It is often formed into different shapes for use in tools and industrial machinery.


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