Straight D Shackle With Screw Pin

Availability: Item is Discontinued

Paracord bracelets and other similar equipment are highly important for safety and there is absolutely no room for compromise in these areas. The D Shackle with Screw Pin is something that can come in extremely handy in making paracord bracelets and other similar contraptions. The D Shackle with Screw Pin is made from pure stainless steel and is extremely strong and durable. The 4 mm shackle is great to secure paracords and other similar purposes and can be relied upon without a doubt. The shackle comes with the screw pin mechanism which helps secure paracord bracelets and other accessories with ease and safety.


Material Specs: stainless steel
Dimensions: Size: 5/32(4mm)
Material: Stainless Steel
Product Origin: CHN
Printable: No
Color: Silver



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