Stun Baton Flashlight

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Never fear for your safety again with the Streetwise Stun Baton Flashlight. This spiked baton uses Triple Stun Technology to create a larger stun radius for more widespread defense. Use the blinding 3 Watt CREE LED light into attackers’ eyes to cause several seconds of impaired vision. The flashlight comes with 3 light modes: full-strength, half-strength, and a disorienting self-defense strobe that will give you time to flee from danger. Get the most effective and versatile protection for your home, business, or vehicle.


Baton Material: military grade aluminum alloy
Flashlight Lumens: 180 lm
Overall Length: 48cm (19 in)
Weight: 0.75 kg (1.66 lbs)

Baton Length:17 inch to 25 inch

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