Survival Kit

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The survival kit is a pack of essential items that one required in case of an emergency. This is a must have for people travelling to remote locations and those who are located at places with harsh weather conditions. These can be remote jungles, oceans, areas not connected to developed places, mountainous regions, etc. This kit normally contains a flashlight, a bandana, sewing kit, first aid kit, matches, knife and fish hooks. These are mainly hold on to some kind of source till help is received in case of an emergency. Even the military, navy and space crafts need to have the survival kits.


Material: Cotton, Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Material Specs: magnessium fire starter, copper line, cotton, stainless steel finger saw and blades, aluminum capsule
Gender / Age: Adult
Weather: All Weather
Product Origin: CHN
Printable: Yes


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