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Find different types of Swords and Daggers perfect for Martial Arts training and Combat Sports. Here you'll find some amazing weapons like Katana, scimitar, rapier, push dagger, gladius, samurai sword, falchion and many more from top brands like Cold Steel, Ultra Force, United Cutlery, etc.Free delivery on purchase above $200.


Sword Canes
Quick Draw Sword Cane In Stock

Quick Draw Sword Cane

Heavy Duty Sword Cane In Stock

Heavy Duty Sword Cane

1911 Guardian 1 Sword Cane Out of Stock

1911 Guardian 1 Sword Cane


About Sword Canes and Walking Canes

As the name suggests, a Sword Cane or Swordstick or a Cane Sword is a cane that contains a hidden blade. It was a popular fashion accessory and was used by the wealthy for walking and safety back in the 18th and 19th century. Even today, they are regarded as a fashion statement or used for decoration. They have an attractive design and serve as a tool for self defense whenever need be.

Features of good canes:

  • Made of best quality material and hence last for a long time
  • Unique designs make them attractive and suitable as a fashionable accessory
  • High quality steel means less maintenance which in turn results in cost efficiency
  • Corrosion resistant and hence can be used throughout the year
  • They are provided with a comfortable handle in order to facilitate a better grip.

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Be it a folding walking cane or be it a cold steel sword cane, users can make a careful choice from a large number of options that we offer.

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