Tactical Czech Od M85 Vinyl Rucksack Used

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What is green, keeps out water, repels thieves, and when carried looks like some frog demon humping its victim? Why yes, that's correct, it's the Czech M-1985 rucksack! It really doesn't get any Czechoslovakier than this. Although the full vinyl appearance of this pack might make you a bit nauseous, we are deemed to defend this contraption in the form of the following list of features.

  • Build: Made of nylon-reinforced vinyl fabric, which means 100% waterproofness and will not deteriorate over time. Magic! The Y-straps are nylon webbing and helluva strong. Stitches, rivets! Will not break!
  • Compartments: One large main space with tubular side pockets for the entire height of the pack. Inside the weather flaps are hidden smaller pockets to keep any valuables in.
  • All the things outside the pack: On the top you'll find a carrying handle and attachment points for gear. The main flap has two different height settings. Carrying straps are adjustable. We believe the narrower fixed straps are meant to be used with the bread bag of the same series. Also, note the place for a nametag.
  • Ugliness: The hideous appearance has a side benefit, as it does make the contents less desirable in the eyes of thieves. Also makes the bag's owner appear less trustworthy.
  • The price: Ridiculously cheap.
  • Condition: Used


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