Tippmann SMG-22 Ammo Belt

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Manufacturer: Air Ordnance

Additional 100-Round Ammo Belt for the SMG-22 Pellet Gun
Non-assembled 100 rd. ammo belt. An ammo belt, also known as a bullet belt or cartridge belt, is a strip of durable material, that is designed to hold and transport ammunition. The belt features loops or pouches that are sized to hold individual rounds of ammunition, such as bullets, shotshells, or cartridges. The loops or pouches are often arranged in a regular pattern along the length of the belt to allow for easy and quick access to the ammunition. Ammo belts are commonly used by military personnel, law enforcement officers, and hunters, among others who need to carry ammunition in a convenient and accessible manner. This belt is an identical match to the (2) belts which ship with the SMG-22 Pellet Gun.


  • .22 Cal.
  • 100 Rounds.

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