U.S. Navy 2-Cell Flight Deck-Traffic Wand

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Brand: Gear Stock

This product is made in USA and is approved by the government. It includes Replacement/Spear Lamps for 2-Cell AA/AAA Maglite flashlights, official government issued bulbs, two spare bulbs, GI Flashlight Maglite krypton 2-cell bulbs LWSA201, filters to change color to red, amber, green, blue or white. Engineering of this product is brilliant and safe. This product is waterproof, extending the life of the product as it will be used by kids. With color option available, the product becomes even more tempting to buy. There are spare bulbs also just in case there is a need to change. Because replacements are provided, there is no need to rush to the market or search online immediately. This product is a complete package.


Material: Plastic
Weather: All Weather


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