Stainless Steel Funnel

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The Stainless Steel Funnel from Ultra Force is an extremely handy and useful stainless steel funnel which is ideal for pouring liquids into containers with small openings. The funnel has an approximate height of one inch and the diameter of the larger inch is 1.5 inches. This funnel is highly useful when you are looking to pour liquids into containers with small openings and this comes in especially helpful when there is no room for spilling the liquid because it may be just too valuable. While many of us may roll a paper into a cone and try using it as a funnel, this is not always the most effective way to do so. The Stainless Steel Funnel from Ultra Force comes in handy in countless ways.


Material Specs: stainless steel
Gender / Age: Adult
Material: Stainless Steel
Weather: All Weather
Product Origin: CHN
Printable: Yes
Color: Silver



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