Expandable Spring Baton

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Black 23 Inches 3-Section Steel Spring Baton - 10074. With a snap of your wrist this 9 Inch steel cylinder extends and turns into a 23 Inch spring coil baton with a loaded heavy-duty metal tip. A Spring baton was designed to multiply a person's striking force by increasing the kinetic energy delivered to the target with each strike. Rubber Handle with Wrist Strap, Collapsible. 3-section steel spring baton opens with swift wrist action.Weight about 16 oz.


  • 23 Inches 3-Section Steel Spring Baton
  • Weight About 16 Oz.
  • Steel Shaft
  • Rubber Handle With Wrist Strap
  • Collapsible
  • Friction Lock
  • Imported


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