Ultra Force Moisture Wicking Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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Moisture Wicking Long Sleeve Shirts are the perfect base layer for your uniform, tactical vest, or cold weather jacket; the enhanced performance fabric is breathable, lightweight and will wick away moisture. Made of moisture-wicking polyester material and features a double-needle stitched collar, the long-sleeved shirt is designed to provide enhanced comfort while in the field, on the job, or for everyday wear. The dry wick shirt includes a long sleeve design, which makes the sweat-wicking shirt perfect for wearing on its own or as a base layer in colder weather. Moisture-wicking long sleeve t-shirts are perfectly sized to government specifications.


  • 100% Polyester Moisture-Wicking Fabric Keeps You Cool And Dry
  • Comfortable Double Needle Stitched Collar
  • Long Sleeve Design Provides added warmth and protection to your arms
  • Our Moisture-Wicking Long Sleeve T-Shirts Are Sized To Government Specs
  • Can Be Worn on Its Own or as a Base Layer Under Your Uniform, Tactical Vest or Jacket


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