Ultra-Lite Premium Camo Netting

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Create an effective blind anywhere with the camouflage and lightweight durability of this foliage-like netting. As a cover for your pit or duck boat or as an above-ground blind, the perforated material completely masks your outline, and the nonglare finish won't ever flare a bird. A waterproof-polyurethane coating protects against UV, rot and mildew.

Ideal for: Boat Covers, ATV Covers, Vehicle Concealment, Pit Covers, Duck Blinds, Boat Blinds, Ground Blinds, Tree Stand Skirts, Tri-Pod Covers, Ladder Stands and Many More Uses.


Netting Size:8 ft x 20 ft8 ft x 10 ft8 ft x 20 ft8 ft x 20 ft4 ft x 10 ft8 ft x 10 ft

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