Umarex PCP Dry Pack Refill - 1 Satchet

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Brand: Umarex

The Umarex dry pack refill is used for PCP Air Guns. The Dry Pac media is usually installed in the optional PAC attachment and it is used to absorb humidity from the air that is being sucked into the pump. The Dry Pac media doesn’t require any special installation processes and can be installed quite easily. Besides, it is vacuum-packed and can be stored indefinitely providing the vacuum remains intact.

In addition, the Dry Pac media is contained in an air-tight foil sachet so, you wouldn’t have to deal with leakages. Each Dry Pac media also contains just enough to fill the optional Pac attachment. Moreover, for optimum performance, the Dry Pac media should be changed within four to six months depending on its usage.

Why choose Umarex Dry Pack Refill?

  • The Dry Pac media absorbs the moisture from the air drawn into the pump.
  • The Dry Pac media can be easily installed.
  • The Dry Pac media can be stored indefinitely so long as the vacuum remains intact.

Why not?

  • It takes a while to pump as there might be some hitches occasionally.
  • It doesn’t have a gauge so you won’t be able to see where your pressure is at when filling.


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