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One good way to enjoy a PCP Air rifle is by enhancing its functionality with the Umarex dry pack adapter. PCP Air rifles makes use of air tanks to store compressed air. This compressed air is now used as a propellant to fire slugs. Usually, this air is compressed between 2700-3000 pounds per square inch. However, when pumping air into the tank of your PCP Air rifle, water could be a real problem especially for people who use shoeboxes or hand pumps.

The Dry Pac attachment of the Umarex dry pack adapter is usually installed at the base of the pump. This way, it gets to function as a scrubber to get rid of water from the air that is meant to be compressed. Moreover, this Dry Pac attachment removes up to 90 percent of moisture from the air. Thus, the pump and tank of your PCP Air rifle becomes free from water. This amazing product comes with a hand pump adapter, a dry pack and two refill sachets.

Why choose Umarex Dry Pack Adapter?

  • The Dry Pac adapter functions as a scrubber to remove water from the compressed air.
  • The Dry Pac removes up to 90 percent of the moisture from the air to keep your tank free from water.

Why not?

  • It could choke little children, so ensure to keep out of reach


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