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Brand: Umarex
The Umarex Steel Force CO2 BB Rifle is mostly plastic on the outside with most of it's metal parts on the inside, you will find a metal flash hider, metal trigger and metal trigger guard but other than that everything else externally is plastic. The plastic seems durable enough but it has just a bit too much shine for me which I think makes it look less like metal and more like plastic. Everything seemed to function as expected but again I would have liked to have seen a bit more metal, not necessarily the outer shell, but I feel the selector switch, sights, magazine release, charging handle and front and back sights could have been made out of metal and would have given this Umarex rifle a bit more weight and balance.
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Not a bad rifle
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This gun is Japanese made, although its made of plastic it is good. I like the design pertaining to the BB reservoir. The bad thing it doesnt last for me one month, I think the internal parts are not solid compared to the crosman sbr.

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