US Flag Mini 4 Inch X 6 Inch American Flag

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Flaunt your undying love for your country with these great US FLAG 4 Inch X 6 Inch Stick Flags manufactured by the ultra force. This flag is worth every bit of money that you spend on it. These are traditional American flags bound to a long stick so you can carry them conveniently while you walk in a parade or rally or on road in some patriotic event. The flag comes with seven streaks and six white streaks arranged in a consecutive fashion. The blue square portion contains fifty stars. The total flag dimension is 4 inches L x 6 inches W.


Dimensions: 8 inches x 12 inches, 1445 Stick Length: 19" / 1443 Stick Length: 10.75", 4 inches x 6 inches
Material Specs: 100% Polyester
Weather: All Weather


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