US Marines License Plate Frame

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The UF1935 U S Marines License Plate Frame is a authentic looking license plate modeled on the original U S Marines concept. The plate features the words “Semper Fidels” on top and U.S. Marine Corps” at the bottom in red with a yellow background helping them really stand out. The license plate is sturdy and grey-silver in color creating a great metallic look. This plate can be used not just on cars but also for decoration and makes for a great gift as well. The frame is ideally shaped to be placed on any of the mentioned places and gives you the freedom to experiment with them in other locations as well.


Material Specs: Chrome Metal
Dimensions: 12 inches x 6.25 inches
Gender / Age: Adult
Material: Metal
Weather: All Weather
Product Origin: USA
Printable: Yes
Color: Silve


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