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USMC Vintage Military Fatigue Hat

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This product is made up of 55% cotton and 45% of polyester mixed twill. This military fatigue cap is olive drab in color. It is constructed with prewashed fabric. It comes with a red color peace sign stamped on the front side. Both men and women can wear this stylish cap. This will give a trendy look for the dress you wear. It is available in several sizes- Small, Medium, Large and XLarge. You can order for a cap which suits you perfectly. This cap is really durable. It comes with very low prices when compared to its excellent quality.

SpecificationOlive Drab, SmallOlive Drab, MediumOlive Drab, LargeOlive Drab, XLarge
Colour:Olive DrabOlive DrabOlive DrabOlive Drab

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