Utility 50 Feet Rope

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The 50 Feet General Purpose Utility Rope is an extremely strong and reliable rope that can be used for a number of purposes and situations ranging from camping, mountain climbing, marine activities or even domestic uses. The rope has a 100% nylon core and is made from 100% polypropylene material which makes sure that the rope has a working load of 120 lbs. The tensile strength of the rope is 1200 lbs which is testament to the strength and reliability of this US made rope. The rope has a diameter of 3/8 inches.


Dimensions: 100', 50'
Material Specs: 100% Polypro Sleeve, 100% Nylon Core
Material: Nylon
Product Origin: USA
Length: 50 Feet


Colour:BlackOlive DrabWoodland

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