Venturer Survivor Shoulder Bag

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The Ultra Force Olive Drab Venturer TM Survivor Shoulder Bag features a heavy duty canvas exterior layer and an interior layer made up entirely of nylon. This ensures that apart from being tough and rugged, the bag also protects the things you keep in the bag from water. The flip up front section contains four compartments and also a side pouch for your phone. The bag also includes two compartments on the inside along with four organizer pockets. The heavy latching buckle ensures that none of your stuff pops out. The adjustable nylon strap makes sure that the bag is convenient to carry around for adventure, business and several other types of travel activities.


Dimensions: 10 x 11 x 5
Material: Nylon, Cotton, Canvas
Product Origin: IND
Material Specs: Heavyweight Canvas Outer, Water Repellent Nylon Inner


Colour:BlackKhakiOlive Drab

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