Waterproof 8 X 30 Binocular

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8 x 30 binoculars in olive drab color is made of rubber material and is water proof. This pair of binoculars comes with a blue lens and case. Some of the prominent features of this product include the 18mm eyepiece diameter, porro prism, 45 front lens diameter, 30mm objective diameter, 8 magnification, 3.75mm exit pupil diameter, 8 field of view, 18 eye relief, -5D to +5D dioptre adjustment and 3M close distance. This binocular is especially useful for people who are passionate about camping, diving and mountaineering. Olive drab binocular in the waterproof version is also used by military personnel.


Material: Rubber
Waterproof: Yes
Material Specs: Rubber Casing


Colour:Olive Drab

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