Winter Impact Generation 2 Gloves

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When the cold front moves in, reach for a pair of Winter Impact cold weather gloves to beat the elements. Comfortable micro-fleece lines the entire glove and C40 3M Thinsulate traps warm air to help regulate your body temperature in the brisk cold air. Rugged water-resistant polyester combined with an internal waterproof membrane helps keep working hands dry in rain, sleet and snow.


  • Extended gauntlet cuffs protect your wrists against the elements.
  • EVA foam knuckle padding absorbs impact and safeguards your hands from abrasion.
  • C40 3M Thinsulate traps warm air to help regulate your body temperature in cold environments.
  • Water-resistant polyester construction protects against the elements.
  • Waterproof membrane protects working hands in rain, sleet and snow.
  • Armortex grip delivers gripping power in rain, sleet and snow.
  • Machine washable.



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