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Womens Long Length Camo V-Neck T-Shirt

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Women's Long Length Style V-Neck T-Shirts are designed similar to our longer length camo tee's for a more comfortable and flattering fit that extends past the waist with a V-Neck style collar. The V-Neck style camo t-shirts feature a cotton poly material and they are perfect with a pair of jeans or Booty Short Collection. Camo T-Shirts are also great for screen printing too!


Material Specs: 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester

SpecificationWoodland, XSmallPink Camo, XSmallWoodland, SmallPink Camo, SmallWoodland, MediumPink Camo, MediumWoodland, LargePink Camo, LargeWoodland, XLargePink Camo, XLargeWoodland, XXLargePink Camo, XXLarge
Colour:WoodlandPink CamoWoodlandPink CamoWoodlandPink CamoWoodlandPink CamoWoodlandPink CamoWoodlandPink Camo

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