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The Wolverine Airsoft Wraith: CO2 Stock gives you the great performance of HPA without the line. Perhaps the biggest resistance to HPA that we have heard from people is that they do not want to carry around a tank or have a line coming out of their gun. The Wraith: CO2 stock eliminates both of those! It allows you to run your HPA engine with 33 gram CO2 cartridges completely concealed in the stock.

Compatible with MTW

This version is specifically built for the all new Modular Training Weapon (MTW). It has been designed for ultimate compatibility with the MTW using a new bolt-on method, making it extremely easy for self-installation.

Technical Highlights

  • Approx. 500 shots per cartridge with MTW setup
  • Integrated custom Storm regulator.
  • Compatible with all Wolverine Airsoft HPA engines.
  • Adjustable pressure range of 60-160 psi.
  • Bolt-on compatibility with the MTW


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