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Brand: ASP

ASP Flex frame Hinge Handcuffs provide a major advance in both the design and construction of wrist restraints. Strength potential has been maximized through the use of an interlocking, unitized frame. The cuff structure is forged from high strength stainless steel on custom built, high speed, progressive dies. Each restraint is then overmolded with ordnance grade polymer under 75 tons of pressure. The Lock Set is unitized and replaceable. Identifier Handcuffs add permanent color options to this world class design. Identifier colors will not crack, chip or fade. They are a structural component of the handcuff frame and will last the life of the cuff.


  • Replaceable lock set
  • Overmolded stainless steel
  • Length (Hinge): 9.2 Inch
  • Width: 3.125 Inch
  • Weight (Hinge): 10 ounces


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