Shovels and Outdoor Tools

Find different types of outdoor tools like folding Shovels, trench shovels, spades, pickaxes, and many more for camping or for home gardening. Now at Camouflage. We only have products from top brands like Cold Steel, Ultra Force, SOG, etc. Shop now and avail Free delivery on purchase above $200.


About Shovels and Outdoor Gardening Tools

Shovels and spades are basic outdoor tools that have evolved over thousands of years. With so much experience over the years, humans have developed multiple shovels for different uses.


Now they come in different varieties like folding shovels, long shovels, short shovels, spades, pickaxe, etc. The various tools serve multiple purposes while conducting outdoor activities like camping or gardening. 

The product features vary as per the need. Here's what you need to consider before making a purchase

  • The shovels are made of different materials like steel, aluminum, and plastic.

  • The weight of the product varies from 1.5 kg to 3 kg depending on the use

  • The grip is comfortable to perform the tasks

  • The length of the Shaft should vary according to the use.

  • Ultimately, the tool should be sturdy and light to make the work easy.


At Camouflage, you get the right shovels for the right use.