Steiner Military 8 X 30 MM Binoculars

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Ultra Force Steiner military 8 X 30 mm binoculars are outfitted with solid and tough optics to provide plenty of magnification. These binoculars have rain proof construction for utmost adaptability. The design of these binoculars has been developed by years of use in various settings, right from deep canyons to mountain tops and from on-ship to ashore. This is one of the most ideal binoculars to explore nature’s majesty as it has depth of view. Eyeglass wearers can use these binoculars comfortably as there is long eye relief. UF10272 Steiner military 8 X 30 mm binoculars are of excellent quality that offers enhanced performance. These can be used for hunting, forestry, wild life observation, boating and wildlife management.


Dimensions: 8 x 30
Weather: All Weather


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