Condor Tactical

Tactician Tactile Gloves

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The Condor Tactician Shooter Gloves are made for the modern operator, with a comfortable fit and its TouchTec Nanotechnology, for dexterity and seamless functionality with all your touchscreen gadgets. The Tactician is fabricated from a lightweight, breatheable spandex and neoprene material to give you a comfortable fit and better dexterity at your fingertips.


Premium goatskin Leather
Spandex interwoven for closefit and better dexterity
Double layer reinforced leather on palms and knuckles
Padded palms and fingerbacks
Motion contoured padding
Adjustable neoprene cuffs for secure fit
Size : 08-S, 09-M, 10-L, 11-XL, 12-XXL

SpecificationBlack, SmallTan, SmallMulticam, SmallBlack, MediumTan, MediumMulticam, MediumBlack, LargeTan, LargeMulticam, LargeBlack, XLargeTan, XLargeMulticam, XLargeBlack, XXLargeTan, XXLargeMulticam, XXLarge
Actual Colour:BlackTanMulticamBlackTanMulticamBlackTanMulticamBlackTanMulticamBlackTanMulticam

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